Fire Pro Wrestling World New Japan Pro Wrestling Crack Codex Download

Fire Pro Wrestling World New Japan Pro Wrestling Crack Codex Download

Fire Pro Wrestling World New Japan Pro Wrestling Crack Codex Download

Fire Pro Wrestling World Crack Fire is a sports game, wrestling simulator with 2D graphics, and a large list of features available to all users. Fight against artificial intelligence or other players from around the world. You will be able to learn new combinations, battles, shots and also do whatever you want with the enemy. Fight your opponents with various household items presented to you by the audience, climb the ropes and then jump from them to the opponent, dealing the maximum damage. The latter option is possible in multiplayer mode. Restrictive graphics shouldn’t put you off if you really appreciate breaking Fire Pro Wrestling World Patch, simulators, and this game is just that. Plugin the gamepad and start your dealer career now! Learn new attacks, read your opponent like a book, count tricks, hit and grab and continue your career. There, at the top of the field, you have to wait for the championship and other prizes.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Codex The game offers several game modes. You can play in multiplayer or single-player matches in closed cells that you can’t get out of, and there are only two ways: die or win. The most important aspect of Fire Pro Wrestling World is the great customization. You can upgrade the main character by even changing parts of the body. Choose the type of gender you are fighting for, the audience, learn more tricks, adjust the strength and number of opponents fighting you. Participate in matches and other settings you want. Communicate with your partners and create unique combinations that can Fire Pro Wrestling World for windows instantly destroy the enemy. Fight for the champion belt in the campaign or climb the rankings in online matches. Modes include Deathmatch brutal fights with no ban and SWA home rules that combine pro wrestling and MMA.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Download a game about brutal wrestling which is filled with the genre of fighting games. There is a fairly basic graphics version, but the game is known for its charm and dynamism. You do not have to be bored here for a moment, because you are constantly on the move and think about your actions. Here every aspect of a game comes under your control, starting with the choice of the main fighter and ending with setting up and improving the battlefield differently – the ring. Create a cool and enchanting show with your own hands in which your participants win again and again. Fight as much as you can and don’t forget to improve your skills and then be at the top of the pedestal with the Fire Pro Wrestling World for pc, champion belt. Here you can enjoy different battles where there are also violent survival battles where there are no rules.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Game about how big and muscular warriors make each other on a ring-covered mutant and various tricks from classic to exotic. Hit the groin, hold your fingers in the eyes or grab the nostrils, Mexican jumps off the support and similar perversions occur in the ring because before you there is a real battle for real men. Pixel wrestling returns to the computer, and so do many warriors. More than 2,000 wrestlers are represented in Fire Pro Wrestling World, including celebrities like John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, and others. Choose a fighter according to your color and taste, analyze its characteristics and go on strike first, then go to the grand arena where you have to fight in battle with professional warriors controlled by Fire Pro Wrestling World CD Key, computer or man. Modes include Deathmatch brutal fights with no ban and SWA home rules that combine pro wrestling and MMA.


Fire Pro Wrestling World New Japan Pro Wrestling Crack Codex Download 

System Requirements


  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with a minimum of 512MB VRAM
  • DirectX: version 9.0
  • Storage: 4 GB of free space

How to install the game

  • Download the full game Fire.Pro.Wrestling.World.Fighting.Road.Champion.Road.Beyond-PLAZA via torrent.
  • Mount the entire ISO slide show in «UltraISO».
  • Install the game on your computer, wait until the installation is 100%.
  • Download and install Update v2.12.19 / v2.13.6 / v2.13.7 / v2.14.10 / v2.15.1 / v2.15.2 in the game folder.
  • Copy all files in the «PLAZA» folder to the game folder.
  • Add the game folder to the Windows Firewall.
  • Game!

Other Key Features:

  • Send scouts in search of new talent, expand the gym to hone your schedule, or skip the hassle and buy wrestlers.
  • Your actions will make you a name in the industry, for better or worse.
  • Make your money work for you
  • A wrestler is only as good as the fight you discuss them in.
  • Who are you pushing to as the next champion?
  • Who do you work with as an unstoppable fire brigade team?
  • Just remember – you can be in charge, but not everyone agrees to listen.
  • Earn Global Super Stardom
  • From humble beginnings in the local gym, your brand travels internationally with commercials, broadcast contracts, and partnerships with campaigns around the world.
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