Midtown Madness 3 Crack + Free Download Highly Compressed Windows

Midtown Madness 3 Crack + Free Download Highly Compressed Windows

Midtown Madness 3 Crack is a video game about car racing. This is a sequel to the popular game Midtown Madness. You’ll see the streets of London and San Francisco in this game. Within this game, you can even try specific select, efficient vehicles. The complex in Midtown has four styles common to it. Connection to the Blitz and Cycle can be blocked by regulation of point mode in traffic. The cruise lets you navigate the streets of San Francisco and London. You can get an Elevated-speed Challenge too. The player can manage video game style Midtown Crazy 2. It can also specify the date, season, several police. To complete the race in different circumstances, the player must learn specific abilities.

Midtown Madness 3 Crack + Free Download Highly Compressed Windows

Midtown Madness 3 Gameplay Players compete in various races in this PC game. The primary goal is to finish tasks. However, the player may also run and move freely in the game’s open environment. In addition, Paris, Washington, D.C. has served as an open-air performance venue. As a result, the play depicts fewer locations than genuine cities. A free riding mode is also available. In which the player may choose between pedestrians and traffic. He may also choose between day and night and various automobiles. The racing system player in Bitz needs to reach the finish line in a certain amount of time. In addition, the player must pass through all checkpoints in a checkpoint race. After that, he must cross the finish line ahead of the field.

Midtown Madness 3 Crack Description:

Midtown Madness 3 Crack allows players to explore the game world easily, race, and even complete missions. The game features a “Cruise Mode.” It lets players pick the number of pedestrians and traffic. Players may also alter the seasons and the weather or time. Players can select cars and paint jobs with the aid of the Midtown Madness 3 Game Download Complete Version “Cruise Mode” “Bliz” race in which the player must cross the finish line in the offer. Teams compete with other racers in “Check Point Games” and cross the finish line before being beaten by their rivals.

Midtown Madness 3 Crack Highly Compressed:

Midtown Madness 3 Game Download Complete Version also features a “Work Secret Mission Mode” set in Paris. Players take on the role of a delivery boy, taxi driver, chauffeur, security guard, ambulance driver, police officer, and detective in this mode. In addition, however, the player can select the role of Pizza delivery boy, car driver, limo driver, salesman, stunt driver, police officer, and different goals and missions in the game in Washinton, D.C. This game, at last, looks very good.

This is quite the audio/visual treat combined with an essential soundtrack and the opportunity to play custom soundtracks using the Xbox hard drive, and this is quite the audio / visual treat. I wouldn’t say I like the sound because of the above voice acting. Overall this is a pretty decent title, as long as you can get around how bad the single-player mode is. Midtown Madness 3 is an excellent racer despite significantly depending on its online component, which I have to admit stretches very far, and functions as a solid rival to the Midnight Club show.

About the Game:

There’s also a mechanism for doing covert missions. In which the participants are tasked with several tasks. For example, security guards, delivery men, and other assigned duties. This game also includes an Xbox multiplayer online game. There’s also a split-screen multiplayer offline game. You may get the additional information and download the original version from Xbox Live. The gold catch system is when the player must keep the gold in the city and conceal it. Some players, on the other side, will attempt to steal gold. Players pursuing after others may be seen on predefined paths across the city. A Cruis mode is also available. This is an affordable method to go about the city with other individuals. They are all stolen from the game by the hunter, who begins as a participant.


  • Racing game with amazing graphics.
  • There were four separate modes, i.e., Circuit mode, Blitz mode, Checkpoint mode, and Cruise mode.
  • Lots of pursuing pedestrians and cops.
  • 10 Vehicles in order.
  • There was fog, snowfall, and bright sunshine in various weather conditions.
  • Speed your way through more than 50 missions as you accelerate, finding secret routes, shortcuts, and hideouts.
  • Select a career as a limousine driver, pizza deliverer, taxi driver, secret agent, and policeman — each profession has its challenges in intense urban environments.
  • Enhanced graphics, audio, and voiceover effects to the thrills of actual racing.
  • Challenge online gambling friends with new downloadable content.


  • OS: Windows 7, 8,10
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz,
  • Performance: 1.5GB
  • DirectX 9.0c ab Card
  • 22GB of Hard Disc Space
  • 5.1 Channel Audio Card


  • Easy, quick racing. Pleasant countryside.
  • A good set of cars.


  • More locations will be an upgrade.
  • Lack of any clear potential for the long term.

How to Download & Install?

  • Click the “Download Sport” button.
  • Download ” Midtown Madness 3
  • Open the Installer; click the directory in which to Install.
  • Allow it to Download the whole Version game on your directory that is specified.
  • Open the Game and Enjoy Playing with it.


The cars are outstanding in this game. You can also pick the one you like the most. A commentary system is part of the game. That is at the start of the game and the end. The cars are all exquisitely described, and the levels are desirable themselves.

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