Need for Speed: Rivals PC Game Full Version Free Download 2024


 Need for Speed: Rivals  Full Version Free Download is a racing game developed by Ghost Games for gamers and Criterion Games, offering a unique twist on the classic cops and racers rivalry.

Need for Speed: Rivals PC Game Full Version Free Download 2024

Story and Setting of Need for Speed: Rivals  Full Version Free Download 

  • Redview County: The open-world map features diverse environments like mountains, forests, and coastal areas, offering over 100 miles of open roads for high-speed chases and races.
  • Blurring Lines: Unlike earlier titles, you can be either a Racer or a Cop, seamlessly switching roles throughout the game. Each side has its progression system and goals.


  • High-Risk, High-Reward: Racers earn Speed Points by evading cops, pulling off stunts, and winning events. Cops earn Pursuit Points by taking down racers and using police gadgets. Both sides risk losing progress upon getting busted.
  • All Drive: Seamless online integration lets you see other players’ pursuits and races in real-time, potentially joining them for dynamic multiplayer experiences.
  • Car Customization: Extensive options let you personalize your vehicles with performance upgrades, visual modifications, and unique liveries.
  • Variety of Events: Engage in various race types like sprints, circuits, time trials, and hot pursuit events, keeping the gameplay fresh.
  • Gadgets and Abilities: Cops use EMP blasts, roadblocks, and helicopters to stop racers, while racers employ countermeasures and evasive maneuvers.

Key Features:

  • All Drive: This innovative feature seamlessly blends single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Players can transition between the two modes on the fly, creating a dynamic and unpredictable world where your friends’ races and chases can intersect with your own.
  • Risk and Reward: As a racer, you earn speed points by performing risky maneuvers and winning races. However, the more Speed points you have, the more attractive a target you become for cops. If you’re caught, you lose all your Speedpoints. As a cop, you earn points by arresting racers and taking them down. The higher your cop level, the faster and more powerful your pursuit vehicles become.
  • Pursuit Tech and Gadgets: Both cops and racers have access to a variety of gadgets and upgrades to help them in their pursuits. Racers can use EMP blasts to disable cop cars, deploy smoke screens to evade capture and use nitrous boosts to outrun pursuers. Cops can use spike strips to slow down racers, call in helicopters for support, and deploy shockwaves to knock racers off the road.
  • Dynamic Weather: The weather in Redview County can change dynamically, which can affect the handling of your car and the difficulty of races and chases.
  • Challenges: There are a variety of challenges to complete in the game, both for cops and racers. These challenges can be a great way to earn Speedpoints and REP.
  • Social Features: The game features several social features, such as leaderboards and the ability to share your gameplay videos with friends.

Need for Speed: Rivals PC Game Full Version Free Download 2024


  • Unique Asymmetry: Play as either a cop or a racer, each with their own progression system, vehicles, and challenges. This keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Beautiful Open World: Redview County is stunning with varied landscapes, weather effects, and dynamic day/night cycle. Exploration is rewarding.
  • High-Speed Chase Thrills: Chases feel intense and cinematic, with takedowns, evasive maneuvers, and even gadgetry adding to the drama.
  • Car Variety and Customization: A wide range of iconic vehicles from different manufacturers are available, each with various customization options for performance and visuals.
  • All Drive Seamless Multiplayer: Seamlessly jump between single-player and online, with other players dynamically populating your world for impromptu chases and races.


  • Rubber banding AI: The AI can be overly aggressive and catch up unrealistically, sometimes feeling unfair, especially for cops.
  • Repetitive Objectives: While varied, mission types can become repetitive in the long run, especially within your chosen side (cop or racer).
  • Limited Story: The narrative takes a backseat, providing little context to the action.
  • Performance Issues: Occasional frame rate drops and technical glitches can be frustrating, especially on older platforms.
  • Loot Box Controversy: The initial release included loot boxes containing car upgrades, raising concerns about pay-to-win mechanics. This was later changed to an in-game currency system.

Need for Speed: Rivals PC Game Full Version Free Download 2024

SYSTEM Requirements


  • OS*: 32-bit Windows 7 (Service Pack 2)
  • Processor: AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2 or Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA; AMD Radeon 3870 with 512 MB or more performance 
  • GeForce 8800 GT or better graphics performance; integrated Intel HD 4000 
  • 512 MB of performance or more
  • Network: High-speed Internet access
  • 30 GB of accessible storage space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX


  • Software: Windows 7 with Service Pack 2
  • Processor: AMD Six-Core or Intel Quad-Core
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA; AMD Radeon 7870 with 3GB or more performance 
  • GeForce GT660 with 3GB or more memory
  • Network: High-speed Internet access
  • 30 GB of accessible storage space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 11

How to install and Download

  1. After clicking the “Download” button below, UploadHaven should appear.
  2. Click the blue “download now” button after five seconds of waiting. Let the download start now, and then give it some time to finish.
  3. After the download is complete, right-click file and select (You must have 7-Zip installed to do this; you can obtain it here).
  4. Use a double-click to launch the exe file inside the folder.
  5. Play and enjoy yourself! Run the game as administrator, and search for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder. Install all the programs in the folder if you get any missing DLL issues.

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